AirTag, the Apple tracking device used by the victimizer.  (Photo: iStock)

A 26-year-old woman from Indiana, USA, used her AirTag, a geolocation device designed by Apple, to track her boyfriend, as she suspected he was cheating on her. Arriving at the place where he was, she ran him over and killed him.

The young woman responsible for the crime was identified as Gaylyn Morris. His partner was called Andrew Smith and was the same age as her, according to the local media “IndyStar”.

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Reports indicate that Morris chased her boyfriend and found him in an Indianapolis bar in the company of another woman.. He then decided to confront him and they started a heated argument.

The woman was enraged and threatened Smith’s companion with an empty wine bottle. Seeing this, the owner of the establishment asked them to leave the place.

AirTag, the Apple tracking device used by the victimizer. (Photo: iStock)

When they came out to the parking lot, Morris got into her car and ran over her boyfriend, who immediately fell to the ground. At the time, the man had only suffered minor injuries due to the fall, but that was not enough for his partner.

At that moment, the woman reversed, he accelerated strongly towards where Smith was lying and caused the vehicle to run over him twice, causing his death. The paramedics tried to treat him, but it was already too late.

After having killed her boyfriend, Morris tried to run over the woman who was in the bar, but the authorities intervened in a timely manner before this happened.

As reported by the Marion County Superior Court, where the events took place, The victimizer was accused of homicide and must go to trial on June 23 to determine her sentence.

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