She wrote a letter to her boyfriend, but he was shocked by the misspellings
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The dating stage is important for all couples looking forward to spending a lifetime together, and in a world this hectic, nothing shows better how much a loved one is valued as a handwritten letter. Whether they are writers or not, a message that comes straight from the heart moves anyone.

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This is what Ludmila, an Argentine teenager, thought when she prepared a surprise for her boyfriend for his “birthday”. The boy’s reaction was the least expected: he put on his reading glasses and looked at the text with the sharp gaze of a teacher; started correcting misspellings with a red pen in hand. The young woman, surprised, recorded it without him reacting to the camera either.

Ludmila recorded her boyfriend correcting the love letter. (Video: Twitter @lula28v)

Ludmila posted on Twitter on November 15 and instantly went viral. She has already exceeded 120,000 “likes” and she has almost two million views. “I gave my boyfriend a letter and he began to correct my accents,” he titled.

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Among the thousands of comments, the boy responded sarcastically: “Many faults; that’s why”. The shower of reactions was divided between those who confessed their misspellings and those who branded the young man frivolous. “I’m not complaining because it could easily be me” or “the next time do it in Word and use the corrector first, send it to him by mail” were some of the messages, while others assured that the boyfriend did this because that’s how people are in the Virgo sign.

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