“Shitty bike…”: Fernando Gaviria, despite team warning at Giro d'Italia

The obvious annoyance of the Colombian cyclist for not having been able to achieve a victory in the current edition of the Giro d’Italia would have gone further. Although in the images of the transmission it was seen when he began to shake his bicycle as a sign of anger, his anger did not remain there and later he would have manifested it again.

so what revealed the portal Cyclingnewswhich assured that Fernando Gaviria unloaded his discomfort with the bicycle once it stopped beyond the finish line, and even hit the saddle with his fist on several occasions.

What Fernando Gaviria said about his bike in the Giro d’Italia

Although the Colombian was convinced that he could have won, his plans were damaged by an apparent failure in the gear system on his bike. This would have been evident in the final part of the stage since his pedaling cadence was faster than that of the other packers.

According to the portal mentioned above, The man from Antioquia was captured on camera when he pronounced “che bici di merda”, which means “what a shitty bike…”.

This would have opened a controversy since he himself had stated that “I can’t say anything because they will scold me. I can’t say anything about the bike at all.” In fact, in an interview with Eurosport he added: “It’s something I can’t say on television.”

However, and despite the anger of not being able to get the victory, Gaviria soon tried to calm down and explained that his frustration was an attitude of “stupid”, but stressed that it was “part of racing”.

“The anger and frustration is because I wanted to win. Being so close, feeling like I had the legs, fighting for it and losing… I didn’t like that. It’s stupid to get angry, but that’s racing.” said.

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