Salto de la Moneda, San Luis.
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This Monday, around 1:00 p.m., a young man with his partner went for a walk in the renowned tourist destination of the town of Potrero de los Funes, the Coin Jump. However, the walk would not have a happy ending: the boy entered the pot of water to swim and could not get out.

As it was revealed, the young man who drowned was a native of La Punta and was only 22 years old.

After a call to 911, Potrero de los Funes Volunteer Firefighters, health center personnel, area guides and local police immediately attended the scene to help the young man. However, they could do nothing.

The professionals practiced cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers (CPR) to young man, but the results were negative.

Salto de la Moneda, San Luis.

What happened to the young man who drowned in the Salto de la Moneda in Potrero de los Funes?

According to witnesses, the 22-year-old was in the company of his partner. When he entered the well-known pot to swim, he could not get out by his own means and the woman went out to ask for help when she saw that he did not come out of the water hole.

Volunteer Firefighters, Scientific Police and Sempro personnel worked at the scene, but unfortunately, they could not revive him.

The reasons why the young man could not get out of the pot of water are unknown so far.

The Salto de la Moneda, one of the tourist attractions of Potrero de los Funes

The tourist destination of Potrero de los Funes is one of the most visited in the town, both by locals and by people from other provinces on vacation.

It is a waterfall of about 15 meters that ends in two natural pools of transparent waters between 5 and 3 meters deep., plus 6 in diameter. His original name is big jumpbut through time and legends changed.

The legend of the Leap of the Coin

The current name of the place is due to the fact that the rocks at the bottom of the pot of water contain mica, which reflects sunlight, giving it the appearance of silver coins.

A local legend says that an aboriginal woman stumbled upon the place with a pot full of coins, dropping all the money to the bottom of the water. Hence its color and its name.

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