Shopee and iFood carry out layoffs in Brazil

In the wave of mass layoffs from startups in recent months, it’s Shopee and iFood’s turn. Both companies, which are quite popular in Brazil, have cut their workforce in the country.

Shopee laid off around 50 Brazilian employees last Monday (20), according to information published on the website Layoffs — collaborative platform that brings together the profiles of professionals laid off in recent collective layoffs.

In addition to them, the company also ended the contract with around 100 outsourced service providers from a distribution center in Barueri. The company said they would all be hired as interns, according to a former employee who declined to be identified in an interview with Estadão. He claims, however, that no one has contacted him for a new offer.

It is worth mentioning that it is not yet known whether the dismissal of about 50 employees is part of a change in the company’s strategy or if it was a result of the economic crisis. Last week, Sea Limited, Shopee’s holding company, had already announced that it would lay off employees in Latin America — citing only Argentina, Chile and Mexico — and Southeast Asia.

iFood carries out layoffs and reduces hiring

In the case of iFood, the company laid off at least 20 people, according to the Estadão. On the Layoffs platform, the number indicated is 60 workers.

In a note sent to the press, iFood confirmed that it is carrying out restructuring and has made layoffs to achieve “greater efficiency and focus” in its business. In addition, the company also reduced the pace of new hires in Brazil, but currently has more than 100 open positions.

“iFood is restructuring some areas, in search of greater efficiency and focus for its business. Unfortunately, the prioritization and review process led to the dismissal of some people and the deceleration of new hires”, explains iFood, in a note sent to press. “If before our recruiting team brought more than 200 people a month to the company, today that number has halved.”

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