Should Australia become a republic?

YESDue to its ethnic diversity

– The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney

Australia maintains a complex, even contradictory relationship with the British crown. She showed it again at the beginning of June, between the celebrations of the 70e anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne and the appointment of a new government by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

On the one hand, Elizabeth II has never enjoyed such great respect. At 96, the Sovereign continues to carry out her representational duties with grace and enthusiasm, and many Australians have been touched by her determination and tenacity following the death of her husband, Prince Philip.

The United Kingdom [a organisé] a four-day party on his jubilee, and many in Australia [ont levé] a drink in his honor. In the Sydney region, 80 public monuments [ont arboré] violet illuminations, the color “royal”.

“A fully democratic republic”

At the same time, however, Wednesday 1er June, Anthony Albanese took another step towards the exit of our country from the British monarchy, by appointing a “Delegate Minister for the Republic” in the person of Matt Thistlethwaite.

Severing ties with the crown is a long-standing ambition of the Australian Labor Party (ALP). In his introduction to the ALP program published last year, Albanese wrote:

“The maturity of our democracy and the self-confidence of our nation will reflect a new spirit of openness and will find their culmination in a great movement which must make our country a fully democratic republic.”

Our newspaper has been a long-time supporter of the republic, and the ethnic diversity of the new government is a reminder, if necessary, of the reasons why belonging to the monarchy has lost its raison d’être for Australia.

A certain number of ministers thus come from countries or cultures which have long cut ties with the British Empire, or even which have never been linked to it. The Minister of Industry, Ed Husic, is thus from a family of Muslims in Bosnia, the father of his counterpart in Justice, Mark Dreyfus, was a German Jew, Anne Aly [chargée de la Petite Enfance et de la Jeunesse] was born in Egypt and incumbent Foreign Affairs Penny Wong in Malaysia, while Malarndirri McCarthy and Linda Burney, Deputy Minister and Minister for Indigenous Affairs, are both Aborigines.

Act with caution

However, if Albanese puts the republic back on the list of priorities as no one has done since the 1999 referendum (which

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