Should Russian diamonds be considered “blood diamonds”?

Russia has just foiled a Western attempt to categorize its rough diamonds as “conflict diamonds”, reports Quartz. The fact that the issue of the sale of the stones mined by Russia is not even discussed seems to discredit the “Kimberley Process”, the international forum responsible for the global monitoring of the diamond trade. A meeting of state actors, industry and members of civil society involved in this “process” is being held from Monday June 20 until Friday June 24 in Botswana.

Prior to this gathering, several Western Member States – including Ukraine, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the European Union – had called for the inclusion of the discussions on the definition of “conflict diamonds”.

This is currently very restrictive, only including diamonds used to finance “the violence of rebel groups and their allies with the aim of overthrowing a legitimate government”. “The strict nature of the challenge

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