Hernan Lombardi

After the consensus between the ruling party and the opposition for the half-sanction of tax relief for monotributistas and self-employed workers, he arrived at the precinct of the Chamber of Deputies one of the issues that promised greater controversy, anticipated during the committee meetings in which the project of the Kirchnerist Pablo Carro was analyzed to extend until 2072 the specific allocations planned for cultural industries and institutions.

Precisely, Carro was an informant member of the Frente de Todos bloc and explained that “what we are discussing here today is how we go about financing and promoting our culture and the set of institutions that make up the fabric of our culture.” For the opposition , The 50-year extension is excessive, especially for an area such as cultural institutions that it is not known what they may be like in half a century.

Controversy over the extension of a tax for 50 years: “They discuss as if it were Finland”

This position was expressed by the PRO deputy and former official of the public media area Hernan Lombardi, which marked the rejection of the initiative and gave its arguments. From the boxes they followed the session referents of the culture related to Kirchnerism who went to “bench” the approval of the law, among them were Víctor Laplace, Carolina Papaleo, Juan Palomino and Luisa Kuliok. Pablo Echarri was in the vicinity of the Congress and was one of the most active in recent days to finalize the call.

“Why do we have to defend in this Congress the creation of bureaucracies, let’s buy books guys”Lombardi said in a sarcastic tone, against the function of the Public Defender’s Office, which is in charge of guaranteeing respect for the hearings, which is contemplated in the bill to be discussed in the session this Wednesday.

“Culture elements are not being financed there, it is a powerhouse of unique thought, which has served to persecute journalists”

As Lombardi said“behind culture hides the Audiovisual Services Communication Ombudsmanand elements of culture are not being financed there, it is a powerhouse of unique thought, which has served to persecute journalists“, questioned the former official and motivated the cries of the artists who accused him of “empty Telam“During his administration, the state news agency.

“Behind culture hides the Communication Ombudsman for Audiovisual Services, and elements of culture are not being financed there, it is a powerhouse of unique thought, which has served to persecute journalists,” he also denounced.

Lombardi also questioned that “again in this idea of ​​putting pig in a hare, we are all shocked when we see the wage bill of Public Television and we see that it is among the 10 best paid companies in Argentina in the public sector. We have to go against privileges,” insisted the PRO deputy, who was interrupted on several occasions by boos, which led him to ask Jose Luis Giojain command of the session, to evict those who were insulting him.

It is a shame”was heard in the background while the deputy spoke, which led him to further inflame his speech.

The situation led the head of the Frente de Todos bloc German Martinez to request that the discussion take place in a respectful framework, which was paid by Gioja who was trying to contain the insults exchanged in the room.

Hernan Lombardi.


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