Vladimir Putin speaking at the international conference Journey into the World of Artificial Intelligence
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The future of Russia depends on its success in the field of artificial intelligence. About this Vladimir Putin said on November 24 at an international conferencededicated to this technology. It should be introduced in all sectors, the President emphasized. For this he urged to streamline legislation and attract young professionals with the help of benefits. As Maxim Kolesnikov, deputy head of the Ministry of Economics, told Izvestia, the artificial intelligence market is actively developing: it has almost doubled in three years. As for the sphere of international payments, according to the President, the country is under constant attack, since the system itself is now under the control of a “narrow club of states and financial groups.” On this background the Russian leader called for the creation of a system independent of banks and interference from third countries.

Time for new solutions

Vladimir Putin arrived at the Moscow World Trade Center (WTC) for the Sber conference “Journey to the World of Artificial Intelligence”, or Artificial Intelligence Journey, almost from the plane. The head of state returned from Yerevan, where he had met with the leaders of the CSTO the day before, only on the morning of November 24, as his press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Guests and participants of the forum have already begun to discuss the fate of new technologies and artificial intelligence in Russia on the sidelines. According to the organizers, in two days, the conference gained over 50 million views and brought together participants from more than 180 countries of the world.

The main discussion began with a joke: Vladimir Putin drew attention to the distance between him and the participants in the hall. Due to the coronavirus, the Kremlin adopted security measures, including social distancing and testing of all participants: journalists were required to pass three PCR tests. “Somehow they put you far away. With us, as they start something, they take on something, they take it to the extreme “Vladimir Putin said.

Vladimir Putin speaking at the international conference Journey into the World of Artificial Intelligence

Photo: Izvestia / Kristina Kormilitsyna

At the beginning of his speech, the President stated: in a number of areas of artificial intelligence, Russia has made a leap forward, but somewhere you need to “catch up”. So, the country is already leading in the digitalization of public services, but it is worth paying attention to the development of domestic robotics and its use in work. The head of the Russian Federation outlined the tasks for the next decade: massively implement AI in all sectors of the economy, the social sphere and in the public administration system. At the same time, you first need to put things in order in each of the areas: “after all, if you digitize chaos, you get digital chaos‘ the president warned.

In addition, companies using new technologies show increased profits and productivity: with the introduction of AI, the prospects for growth of indicators are 20-30% over decades, said the president. The artificial intelligence market has almost doubled over the past three years, Maxim Kolesnikov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, told Izvestia.

Already 20% of Russian organizations on average use AI in most priority industries. And in leading industries, AI is implemented in 53.1% of organizations is the financial sector, information and communication technologies and telecom. It is important to note that about 40% of organizations that do not use AI plan to implement it in the short term, he said.

The widespread use of advanced solutions is primarily intended to improve the standard of living, the President noted. So, robotization does not lead to an increase in unemployment, but to the emergence of more highly skilled jobs. Moreover, they can be used instead of people in the field with harmful production conditions, Vladimir Putin believes.


Photo: RIA Novosti / Maxim Blinov

The President repeatedly referred to the experience of Moscow and the Moscow Region in using digital services to improve the life of the city. The mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, told reporters on the sidelines that in Moscow the medical industry is equipped with a digitalization system: 51% of calls to the call center are serviced by a robot. The introduction of AI also affects the safety of city life. “Over the past two years, about 28,000 people have been detected by the facial recognition system at the request of law enforcement agencies. And you see, the number of car thefts has simply decreased by a multiple, because the whole system monitors the movement of vehicles, ”he said.

The best minds

Now There is a large shortage of AI professionals in Russia, the head of the Russian Federation emphasized. To attract new staff, proposed to expand existing benefits. At the moment, specialists, in particular, are offered a profitable mortgage and deferment from military service.

It is also necessary to encourage the best minds in the field of innovative technologies. The President suggested establish an award for young scientists for scientific and design breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence. There should also be a ranking of universities in terms of the quality of training AI specialists, he said. However, you need to start with schools: already there, according to him, the relevant knowledge should be laid.

To apply technology, you need to analyze a lot of information. That’s why the president also instructed to speed up work on a bill on depersonalization of personal data. The State Duma has already adopted the corresponding initiative on February 16, but only in the first reading.


Photo: RIA Novosti / Alexei Malgavko

I understand well the concerns that arise both from the side of the state and from the side of business, it is necessary to take into account all the concerns of citizensentrepreneurs regarding access to information arrays, create strong legislative guarantees for the protection of rights and freedoms and be sure to move forward, establish all technological processes for the formation, depersonalization, storage, and provision of access to data,” the head of the Russian Federation said.

However, in addition to data collection, it is necessary to evaluate the technologies for their processing in the field. Vladimir Putin called for the creation of an “intellectual maturity index” of industries and regions: from 2023, the authorities will monitor the results of the application of AI. During the speech, the President gave several instructions at once. First of all, he proposed to prepare an updated strategy for the development of artificial intelligence, as well as a federal project for the development of robotics. This will allow you to set guidelines in the relevant areas.

In addition, Vladimir Putin urged to include the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies in every national project and state program, as well as in the investment programs of companies. However, all this cannot remain only on paper. The authorities should “come to grips” with the removal of administrative barriers to the use of AI, he noted.

Fierce Rivalry

Russia entered the top ten in the digitalization of public services. At the same time, the top three are Brazil, Saudi Arabia and South Korea, Vladimir Putin said. The further fate of Russia in the world will largely be determined by the achievements of the country in the field of artificial intelligence, the head of state believes.

Highway M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg

Highway M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg

Photo: RIA Novosti / Alexey Kudenko

During his speech, for example, he said that an experiment with drones is planned to be carried out in the near future on the Moscow-Petersburg highway. Despite the fact that Russia is even ahead of a number of countries in the field of new technologies, it is necessary to continue to step up efforts to develop them, the president said.

The significance of breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence is colossal, the rivalry between states is fierce. What results we achieve will determine Russia’s place in the world, our sovereignty, security and viability of our country, our ability to solve the problems of economic, industrial, social development at a qualitatively new level, create broad conditions for self-realization of citizens, for launching public initiatives. , the Russian leader stated.

Thus, Vladimir Putin touched upon the existing system of international payments. According to him, she controlled by a narrow club of countries and financial groups, and the sphere of settlements has become one of the “lines of attack on Russia”.

Sanctions will not be lifted in the near future, so we really need to look for new solutions for payment systems, economist Vladimir Klimanov told Izvestia. However, due to external pressure, cooperation on this issue, even with friendly countries, is extremely limited: they are afraid of falling under sanctions along with Moscow.


Photo: Izvestia / Pavel Bednyakov

The President of the Russian Federation considers it necessary to create a new system of international payments, independent of banks and the intervention of third countries. Earlier, in mid-June, the European Union disconnected a number of Russian banks from the SWIFT system. However, in order to develop advanced technologies for building a new economy, it is necessary to look for our own approaches, study advanced foreign experience, adopt the best practices, and “not blindly copy what is being done somewhere over the hill and reproduce them,” Vladimir Putin concluded.

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