National Meteorological Service

Several hours of sunshine are expected on Monday, but cumulus clouds will form intensively in the second half of the day and showers and thunderstorms will form in some places, the National Meteorological Service.

On the first day of the week, winds pick up mainly in the northeastern counties, and there may be strong or stormy gusts around thunderstorms.

The highest daytime temperatures are between 22 and 27 degrees.

By late evening, however, the air cools to between 12 and 17 degrees.

National Meteorological Service

The Time picture According to a medical meteorological report, there will be no weather front in our area on Monday either. At the same time, those who have a harder time tolerating warming may experience fatigue, and they are more likely to experience a decrease in physical and mental performance.

The whole country turns yellow

During the day, precipitation can form almost all over the country. It is expected to rain more and more in the Transdanubian and Northern Central Mountains, later elsewhere. On Monday, the service issued a lemon yellow warning for all counties in Hungary due to a thunderstorm.

National Meteorological Service

National Meteorological Service

They are also alerted to a downpour

There will be some levels of lemon yellow alarms on Monday due to thunderstorms. In addition to more intense rainfall, hail may also occur. They add that these weather phenomena remain the longest in the southern and south-western part of the country.

On Tuesday, however, the atmosphere gradually stabilizes: by evening, the tendency to rain completely disappears.

(Cover image: View of the former quarry on Róka Hill. Photo: Gábor Juhász / MTVA / Commission)

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