"Shut up Kevin..."the ironic response of the Buenos Aires hamburger joint to Kevin Bacon

In the context of the program conducted by Jimmy Kimmel (Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel), the actor kevin bacon expressed his rejection before the hamburger chain that bore his name and his face as the brand’s logo. Far from taking it with humor, the Hollywood star suggested that she would talk to her lawyer and the response of the Buenos Aires local in the Palermo neighborhood It didn’t take long for him to appear on his new Instagram account: “Lock it Kevin, we’re not just a pretty face…”they finished.

“This is a fast food restaurant in Argentina… and it seems to be called Kevin Bacon Fast Good”, had mentioned Jimmy Kimmelwithout knowing that the actor would respond with absolute coldness that they used his image without prior authorization, in addition to clarifying: “It’s not a good photo, it’s a clown face.”

What the Palermo hamburger restaurant said

Moments after the viralization of the interview where Bacon announced that he would sue, the Instagram account corresponding to the user KevinBacon.FastGood was out of service, and in its replacement the mark “KB.FastGood”with a visibly renewed name and logo: the Kevin Bacon’s face was replaced for a succulent image of burgers and fries.

In the last few hours, the chain published a story on Instagram with a provocative message addressed to the actor: “Lock it Kevin, we’re not just a pretty face. We also make tremendous burgers”. A second image incorporates a poll with the faces of multiple celebrities and the question: “Who will be our new face?


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