Side by side with Fefito

Known as the “poisonous” of Record TV, journalist Fabíola Reipert denied that she is prohibited from talking about celebrities such as Paolla Oliveira and Larissa Manoela. In this week’s “De Lado com Fefito,” she explains how the rumor may have arisen. Watch above.

“All lies. I was never prohibited from talking about any of them”, says Fabíola. “They should send the press to spread this around to scare other journalists,” she theorizes. In addition to Paolla and Larissa, it is rumored that Susana Vieira would also have forbidden her to mention her name.

According to Fabíola, spreading the rumor would be a way of “shutting up” more journalists, who would be afraid of being prosecuted, as she supposedly would have been.

But the fact is that the “poisonous” has already had disagreements with some celebrities. Among them, Susana Vieira herself.

“One of the things she got angry with me was because I said that she took the chewed gum and gave it to the advisor”, says Fabíola, laughing.

In the chat with presenter Fefito, she also gives more details on how she finds her gossip and tells what was the most shocking story she’s ever heard — the ones she didn’t even have the courage to publish. Watch at the top of the page.

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