Side by side with Fefito

With national fame since her videos went viral in 2020, the influencer Pequena Lo opened the game in this week’s “De Lado com Fefito” and confessed that the financial phase is good. But, to the presenter, she also revealed a dream that still needs to be fulfilled. Watch the full program in the video above.

Yes, I’m already rich. I’m satisfied, that cliché answer.

Her videos with funny situations have already reached more than 140 million likes on TikTok, where she has almost 6 million followers. On Instagram, there are more than 4 million fans.

With all these numbers, of course, came advertising contracts and opportunities on the internet and TV. “I’ve already achieved things I never imagined,” he says. Last year, she co-hosted a program with Luisa Sonza on Multishow, TV Globo’s closed channel.

About the money that has been coming in, Little Lo also highlighted what she thinks is most important: giving comfort to her family. But a consumer dream is missing, “buying a house in São Paulo”. “Mansion?” asks the presenter. Laughing, she makes a mystery: “Let’s see what’s next.”

In “De Lado com Fefito”, Pequena Lo also revealed that she has already got a lot of fans and talked about the representation of people with disabilities in the media and networks.

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