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Significant increase in the number of coronavirus infections, hospital admissions also continue to rise

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The number of coronavirus infections has risen sharply, and the number of hospital admissions continues to rise. This is evident from figures from Sciensano.

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Between June 7 and June 13, an average of 2,432 people were affected infected, an increase of no less than 79 percent compared to the previous week. The positivity ratio is now 21.7 percent, and the virus reproduction rate is at 1.12 (+9 percent). A value higher than 1 means that the virus is gaining strength.

Also the number hospital admissions continues to rise. Between June 10 and 16, an average of 66.3 people were admitted daily, an increase of 20 percent. There are now 898 people with Covid-19 in hospitals (+1 percent), of whom 47 are in intensive care.

The number of death is still falling. Between June 7 and 13, an average of 5.6 people died from Covid-19 each day, a 15 percent decrease. In total, 31,856 people in our country have already died from the virus.

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