Silvina Escudero demonstrated her love for nature.
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Silvina Escudero She usually uses Instagram to promote different brands -whether it’s clothing, makeup, swimwear or lingerie-, but she also uses it to interact with the almost 2 million users who follow her.

Silvina Escudero caused a sensation in networks. (Instagram/)

That is why on this occasion, the dancer she was shown without makeup, with her hair tousled and wearing only a pink robe with white borders while drinking mates to greet his fans: “Good day”he wrote in a corner of the ‘selfie’.

Silvina Escudero raised the temperatures on social networks.  Photo: Instagram.

Silvina Escudero raised the temperatures on social networks. Photo: Instagram.

And it’s not the first time he’s done it, since often share stories with photos or videos in which he speaks directly to his followerseither to recommend something or simply to tell you an anecdote of the day that you have experienced, and in the vast majority of cases you usually get immediate responses from many fans.

The informal look of Silvina Escudero.

The informal look of Silvina Escudero. (Instagram/)

How much does Silvina Escudero pay for expenses?

Through the networks, the dancer shared a video to express their complaints and disagreements about the high amount you have to pay for the building you live in and explained why.

The problem arose when He wanted to sunbathe from the pool of the place and they prevented him from entering because it was under construction. “I gave up taking my 20 minutes of daily sun. The workers are working to assemble the deck. You cannot step on it, there is noise and the smell of burning metal. Impossible”he commented with annoyance, adding: “I can’t believe it. Broken all winter… and now they start to fix it? 100 thousand pesos per month of expenses! How beautiful everything!”.

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