Simon Mignolet after new loss of points from Club Brugge: "A draw is not enough, it's that simple"

Simon Mignolet: “Again loss of points at home should not be allowed”

“The first half wasn’t bad,” said Simon Mignolet in front of the Eleven Sports cameras. “We played together a number of opportunities and came up just after the break. Then you think ‘we have left’. But then it is very sour to concede an equalizer here in the last fifteen minutes. Zulte Waregem then defends well. We didn’t get a chance to score the winning goal. Sadly, it shouldn’t really happen.”

Mignolet had to keep his team upright several times with great saves. “Indeed, I had to make two saves from Dompé, but those chances came mainly from individual mistakes. Overall, our game in the first half was better than last week. But that does not alter the fact that Zulte Waregem also had its chances. I think 1-1 is correct result, if I’m honest. Zulte Waregem deserves the point as much as we do. We didn’t really claim the victory, especially in the second half. That should absolutely not happen in your own home.”

“Where do we go wrong? The many bills? As a player, I don’t want to use that as an excuse. It’s not for me to answer that either. I especially think that as a group of players we have to look at what we can do better individually. Everyone should always stand in front of the mirror. Club Brugge is obliged by its status not to achieve 4 out of 9, but 9 out of 9. We know that too. We had hoped to be able to forget that defeat against Eupen with a home win. That was only possible with a win. A draw is not enough, it’s that simple.”


Carl Hoefkens: “Mistakes must be resolved as soon as possible”

“Where did it go wrong? I was actually satisfied until the goal”, said Club coach Carl Hoefkens after the game. A lot of pressing forward, a lot of second balls for us, high defense. So I was actually very satisfied with that. I said at halftime that I hoped, or actually demanded, that we could keep this up for the entire game. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. Ten minutes after the goal it became physically difficult for us to keep on entering the spaces. Then you are pushed backwards. If you get physically difficult, then you can no longer be aggressive in possession of the ball. Then it was very difficult to keep winning that second ball and to keep providing that pressure to the front. And then Zulte Waregem came into the game more.”

“Too much loss of the ball? Yes that’s right. Individual flaws in that area, absolutely. But the intention to play forward, to find the free man, to be dominant in possession, it was there. The two chances that we gave away in the first half came through our own loss of the ball. This is especially frustrating and difficult at the moment. But you do keep asking your players to keep playing football and be aggressive in possession.”


In the back, Owen Otasowie was not too precise, with two almost fatal loss of the ball. “Otasowie? Apart from those two or three phases, I couldn’t find much fault with it and I thought he played a strong game,” said Hoefkens. “He dared to defend forward, was aggressive and could defend the space in his back. We couldn’t fault that much. Those errors are still there. That’s right, but they just have to get out as soon as possible. I found Sowah to be very active and very strong. I’ve seen a lot of positive things from him, but actually I’m incredibly happy with most of my guys for the first 70-75 minutes.”

After the departure of Charles De Ketelaere and Stanley Nsoki last week, it now seems to be up to Noa Lang. The Dutchman himself asked to start on the bench against Zulte Waregem. “The transfer troubles are part of it,” says Hoefkens. “We have to get points. That we suffer stupid loss of points is frustrating. That’s all and it’s difficult. The goal against was avoidable, but it was also their only chance in the second half.”

Mbaye Leye: “I want to congratulate my players”

Zulte Waregem also started the competition with 4 out of 9, but given their opponents (Seraing, Antwerp and Club Brugge) and their status, that is a much better start. “This is an important point for us, especially if you look at how our last two games have gone,” said coach Mbaye Leye after the game. We already played a creditable game in Antwerp and here we take a point. You mustn’t forget that we played against the champion here with half a new team and with two players from the U21 who came in.”

Essevee plays football clearly more smoothly than last season and it is also better in the back. “It’s important to have an identity and to show it,” said Leye. “I want to congratulate my team for what they brought today. Pace and pressing to the end, that’s what I want to see. That is modern football.”

Could there have been more in it? Jean-Luc Dompé should have put Essevee at 0-2 in the opening quarter. “Efficiency is a flaw with us. We have already seen that in the first half against Seraing and Antwerp. Drambaiev’s goal? We had to do something in the second half, we were overrun. So we started playing with three in the back and higher flanks, and that worked out well as Drambaiev scored as a wingback.”


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