Phone calls are in high demand right now.

Phone calls are in high demand right now.

A photo: REUTERS

President `s assistant Yuri Ushakov spoke about international negotiations Vladimir Putin.

“Now telephone contacts are most in demand,” the diplomat said in response to a question whether the Russian leader plans to meet personally with Biden or Zelensky.

But the handset in the Kremlin, according to the numbers, is almost melting from conversations:

Putin has made 140 phone calls since the beginning of the year.

47 foreign leaders called our president.

100 hours the head of the country, in total, spoke only with the President of France Emmanuel Macron.

A joke term has even appeared on the Internet: “macro threading”. It means to call someone for absolutely any reason.

“Almost all conversations with Macron lasted more than an hour,” Ushakov added.

At the same time, despite the power of telephone diplomacy, face-to-face meetings remain possible. Even with Zelensky.

– No one rejects such an opportunity, but it requires appropriate conditions, and most importantly, very, very, very thorough preparation, – said the presidential aide.

But there are no plans to meet with Biden.


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