Sino-US standoff over Taiwan endangers world, like Cuban Missile Crisis

Well known for her opposition to China, Nancy Pelosi wanted to mark the history of the United States by becoming the first Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives to set foot in Taiwan. She also wanted to play the “anti-china card” to bolster his party’s popularity in November’s midterm elections. If she had backtracked at the last moment, not only her personal image would have suffered, but also the prestige of the United States in the region. So she finally chose to take all the risks.

No doubt that if he had had no fear of being intercepted by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), his military plane would not have had to make a detour from Malaysia heading for the east to fly over Indonesian airspace, before heading north along the Philippines to Taipei, deliberately avoiding the South China Sea.

The message of the Chinese army

Taiwanese media reported PLA warplanes appearing for a moment in the airspace southwest of Taiwan, then, from a Chinese source this time, it was learned that PLA warplanes PLA had crossed the Taiwan Strait. If China didn’t take military risks to arrest Nancy Pelosi, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t afford to do so, and no doubt that was the message the PLA wanted to get across. in the USA.

The fierce struggle between the United States and China harms the security of the Asia-Pacific region. The Chinese Foreign Ministry on August 2 condemned Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei, saying that “these strong protests” were only a first step. The night of August 2 undoubtedly changed the face of the world: now, relations between the United States and China are on the verge of rupture, and the situation in the Taiwan Strait risks being marked by strong turbulence for some time yet. The ultimate cost of this selfish whim by Nancy Pelosi may well be greater than imagined today.

Diplomacy of “strategic ambiguity”

The White House may insist on the fact that in the United States, the three powers are very distinct and that the visit of Ms. Pelosi to Taiwan as Speaker of the House of Representatives

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