Now the number of Ukrainian fighters at the plant is estimated by various sources in the range from 300 to 500 people.

Now the number of Ukrainian fighters at the plant is estimated by various sources in the range from 300 to 500 people.

A photo: REUTERS

Zelensky we urgently need to arrest someone or make an attempt at a counteroffensive in some area. In the coming days, this will become an urgent need for him in order to hide from his own population the surrender of another large group of Ukrainian “heroes” who are now blocked at the plant “Nitrogen” in Severodonetsk.

It is already a tradition when the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fixed on some industrial sites. It was the same at first at the Ilyich plant in Mariupol, and then there, but already at Azovstal. There are only two differences. First, they knew about Azovstal in Kyiv, did not deny it, and promised to do everything to save the Azovites and Marines who had dug in there in the dungeon. Kyiv is silent about Azot in Severodonetsk, as if such a thing does not exist. Rather, a well-known liar and propagandist Alexey Arestovich periodically butts heads with the head of the Ukrainian Lugansk region (it is not clear how one can be the head of something that actually no longer exists) Gaidai, who periodically refutes himself, talking about the battles and successes in Severodonetsk. That is why the militants on the “Azot” are now left to their own devices, which they have already understood.

As early as Friday, the LNR Ambassador to Russia Rodion Miroshnik stated: “Contact has been established with the militants, negotiations are underway on the safe exit of civilians from the territory of the plant. Ukrainian formations will be guaranteed life and adequate treatment in accordance with international requirements if they release the hostages, and they themselves stop resisting and surrender without any conditions”.

Now the number of Ukrainian fighters at the plant is estimated by various sources in the range from 300 to 500 people. But, not only are they in an extremely dangerous place for the inhabitants of the city in the event of an undermining of production, they also insure themselves, like “Azov”, driving into the territory of the plant and taking hostage from 500 to a thousand people hostage from among the civilian population. These are not only plant workers, but also simply residents of the houses closest to Azot.

But everything turned out, at least at the moment, even worse than it was even at Azovstal. Let us recall that the Ukrainian militants first released the civilian population and then surrendered themselves, and those who are now sitting on Azot openly call the civilians they hold hostage and demand that they be released along with the hostages to Lysichansk. They do not want to fight, they are taken prisoner, too, but hiding behind hostages, they intend to evacuate (without any quotes) from the city.

It is noteworthy that in this way, the APU workers who are at the plant have themselves designated themselves as terrorists, since the military personnel of any army during the course of hostilities are prohibited from hiding behind civilians.

The answer of the Russian side was not long in coming – no conditions, the release of civilians and surrender. Only in this case, the life of the “azots” is guaranteed. Otherwise, they will all be destroyed. They themselves cannot escape from the plant, all escape routes are cut off, and the plant itself is in a dense environment.

“Extraction” is the only way out for them. But the second “evacuation” into captivity will cause a lot of questions for Zelensky and his team among the population and the Ukrainian military. Especially now, when in Kyiv, albeit downplaying at times, if not by an order of magnitude, they began to recognize the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That is why Zelensky now really needs some kind of “win”. And in Kyiv they are now intensively looking for what could become it.

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