“Six feet on the ground”.  Insects on the menu, with Christine Picard

According to the UN, we will be almost 10 billion on the planet in 2050. Ten billion human beings who will have to be fed. And feed in a responsible, healthy way, without degrading the environment or resources.

But now, today, humanity derives 75% of its food from only twelve plants and five animal species. More than 90% of cultivated varieties have disappeared over the past hundred years, in parallel with the standardization of agriculture.

It is therefore essential to diversify resources. And leave room for other foods. Why not algae? We already find them on our plates, especially in the form of a gelling agent in processed products such as dessert creams. But we can also extract the proteins from these marine plants, to eat them tomorrow in burgers or nuggets. Without upsetting our eating habits.

This is the ambition of Mounir Boulkout, founder of the group Salt Marine Group. Since 1999, he has been cultivating large red and green algae in Tunisia, but also in Zanzibar and Mozambique. Now, he is launching a research project to optimize the co-extraction of sugars and vegetable proteins from seaweed in order to make the seaweed burger a reality within the next three years.

For this third episode of our series Tomorrow, on our plates”, Mounir Boulkout takes us to his seaweed farms at sea. He explains the benefits of these plants, but also the difficulties he faces.

Good tasting !

This podcast is co-produced by International mail and the AFD.

Interview, writing and presentation: Carole Lembezat

Directed by: Antoine Dabrowski

Music : album Kagabas, by Lion’s Drums

With the participation of: Virginie Lepetit, Flora Trouilloud, Pascale Boyen, Joffrey Ricome

“Six Feet on Earth” is dedicated to the great challenges of the planet. Each series explores a question and answers it in five episodes with five different speakers: philosopher, scientist, anthropologist, artist, actor or actress in the field…

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