Six Flemish owners of B&Bs in the south of France hope to find a Flemish lover

Six Flemish owners of B&Bs in the south of France hope to find a love in France. Under the guidance of An Lemmens, singles from Flanders come to visit them one by one. The person who clicks gets to stay.

The youngest of the owners is Kaylee (25). In Flanders she was working as a health care professional, but she dreamed of becoming self-employed. In full first lockdown, she arrived with her dad in Coulx, southern France, where they took over a bed and breakfast from a British woman. There she does what she likes to do: pamper people. Kaylee has not been in a steady relationship for the past seven years. She receives a visit from Sander who had suggested his first date with Kaylee differently. It will not be a tête-à-tête.

The 29-year-old ambitious Arno says he is a shy boy. And then he gets two singles in one fell swoop: the Brussels Aylin and the Limburg Desirée. The more souls, the merrier, it seems. Arno would nevertheless like to find someone who will come to live with him and even join the company. He moved to France with his parents at a young age. After training at a prestigious equestrian school and a career in the equestrian world, he now runs a bed and breakfast with his family.

From Arno to Isabel in her fifties. She lives in a dazzling castle domain at the foot of Mont Ventoux. The estate is located in a small French village and consists of 27 studios, 17 apartments and some villas. Because she is so busy, there was never much time for love. She is looking for a well-groomed man, and if he also turns out to be a handy harry, that’s a plus. Isabel gets the flamboyant and eccentric chatterbox Maurice on her plate. But writer Filip also comes along. “Absolutely no competition,” said Maurice. Rooster behavior and jealous looks suggest otherwise.

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