Six months driving ban and suspended prison sentence for truck driver who killed two sisters in Antwerp
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On Friday, the police court in Antwerp sentenced Tom D., the truck driver who killed two sisters in the Lange Leemstraat in Antwerp last year, to six months in prison with a suspension and a driving ban of eighteen months, six months of which were effective.

The police judge also fined D. 6,000 euros, half of which was effective. He must also retake the theoretical and practical driving test, as well as undergo a medical and psychological test.

The facts took place on Tuesday, August 24, 2021. Around 9 a.m., sisters Lali (1.5) and Gitti (9) were on their way to the nursery with their mother. The family was in a hurry, the girls walked a few meters in front of their mother with their scooter. As soon as the light turned green at the crossing on Lange Leemstraat, the girls crossed the street.

At that time, however, traffic coming from Sint-Vincentiusstraat also had the green light. Truck driver Tom D. drove into the Lange Leemstraat from the street and hit the girls. Gitti had noticed the truck, but fell halfway across the zebra crossing. She tried in vain to pull her sister away. Both girls died on the spot.

Tom D. stated during the hearing last month that he really had not seen the girls, but according to the public prosecutor, the accident could have been avoided if D. had participated attentively in traffic.


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