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“Sky police” in Eastern Europe: discreet cooperation and cold sweats

“Sky police” in Eastern Europe: discreet cooperation and cold sweats

On the evening of June 8, a small twin-engine aircraft with two people on board frustrated the air traffic controllers of four Central and Eastern European countries by crossing their airspace at low altitude without a flight plan, and radio off, before to disappear in the wild in Bulgaria. This incident, which occurred while the war in Ukraine is raging, illustrates the cooperation between the countries of the region in their “air police” missions and the active and discreet participation of the United States. It also illustrates these flaws.

Thus, as daily reminder 24 Chasa, from Sofia, a judicial inquiry has been opened in Bulgaria to establish the exact circumstances of the arrival of this device on national soil. Its two occupants, the pilot and a passenger, are actively sought after.

Two American F-16s in the Romanian sky

It is thanks to a particularly precise press release from the Ministry of Defense of neighboring Romania that we learn a little more about the wanderings of this small plane which took off around 5:30 p.m. from Debrecen, in the north-east of Hungary, before heading to Romanian airspace. “We specify that the plane, which flew over Romania on the Oradea-Caransebes-Drobeta Turnu Severin route, did not show any hostile or dangerous behavior”, write the soldiers of Bucharest. On the other hand, they continue, “I

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