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By Mário Sérgio Lorenzetto | 05/06/2022 07:00

Sleeping is the most mysterious thing we do. We know it’s vital, we just don’t know exactly why. We can’t say for sure what sleep is for, how much sleep is right for health, or why some fall asleep easily while others struggle to sleep. We spend a third of our lives sleeping. I’m 67 years old. I slept, in practice, throughout the 21st century.

Campo Grande News - Real Content

Without sleep, dies.

There is no part of the body that does not benefit from sleep or suffer from its lack. If you don’t sleep too long, you die. But no one can explain the reason for this death from sleep deprivation. What makes lack of sleep a lethal weapon? We do not know. At the University of Chicago, they kept ten mice without sleep. Some died within 11 days, others at 32. The autopsy found no abnormalities that could explain the deaths.

Campo Grande News - Real Content

Improves blood pressure.

One of the best news about sleep is that it improves blood pressure. People with early signs of hypertension who slept an hour more a night than they used to, showed significant improvement in blood pressure. Sleep is related to consolidating memories, restoring hormonal balance, eliminating neurotoxins and restoring the immune system. In short, it is a kind of nocturnal regulation of the body. But how does he do all this? It’s a mystery. They say sleep is key to memory, but how does that happen? There is no evidence that this even occurs.

Campo Grande News - Real Content

Running from zombies.

Our need for sleep must be deep enough to allow us to be vulnerable to attacks by enemies or predators. However, sleep does nothing that it could not do when we are awake. We also don’t know why we spend much of the night experiencing surreal and often disturbing hallucinations. Being chased by zombies doesn’t seem like a very relaxing way to pass the dark hours.

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