So he must not have seen the Hungarian soldiers yet

The assault sniper basic training lasts for a week at the Árpád Bertalan Special Purpose Brigade of the 2nd Army of the Hungarian Army. As they write, it wasn’t an easy thing for the boys since after the physical survey

  • rope climbing,
  • by entering the water from five meters,
  • with a 30-meter swim in uniform,
  • by overcoming an obstacle course, and
  • they spent their days running 8 kilometers to level time.

After the two-day live shooting, the week was also closed with level practice and night and day terrain, news and health classes.

After that, their trainers shared their weekly performance with the soldiers and began their tactical training for this week, the statement said.

(Cover image: MH 2. Knight Árpád Bertalan Special Purpose Brigade / Facebook)

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