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The United Nations Organization proclaimed June 21 as the International Yoga Day. This resolution was presented in December 2014 to make the population aware of the benefits of this practice.

But what is the yoga? According to the United Nations it is a physical, mental and spiritual practice of ancient tradition, which originated in India. The word “yoga” comes from Sanskrit and means unity because it symbolizes the union of body and mind.

In the Dominican Republic, for eight consecutive years, the International Yoga Daywith sessions of yoga outdoors in public spaces in Santo Domingo and in different provinces of the country. On this occasion the activity will be led by the Indian Embassy and his ambassador Ramu Abbagani.

The celebration will take place in Santo Domingo on Sunday, June 19, from 7:00 am to 11:00 am in the Botanical Garden. There will also be free sessions of yoga in Santiago, Bonao, La Vega, Bávaro, San Francisco de Macorís, Samaná, Cabarete, Baní, Higuey and San Cristóbal. In each province the activity will last approximately two hours.

“The yoga It is for everyone: men, women, children, older, younger… Practice yoga is the best gift of life. This is something that India wants to contribute to the world, to achieve world peace, mental health and take care of society,” said India’s ambassador to the country, Ramu Abbagani.

This series of activities is organized each year by a large team of instructors and schools of yoga from the country.

In a meeting held at the Indian Embassy it was announced that the celebration of the day of the yoga It will be carried out with a program that includes different stations, and in each one the instructors will rotate every half hour, offering all the participants different simultaneous classes so that the practice adjusts to their tastes and needs.


“Practicing yoga is the best gift of life. This is something that India wants to contribute to the world”Ramu Abbagani Indian Ambassador

“If he yoga does not suit people yoga perishes,” said one of the sensei who attended the event.

When talking about the different types of yoga that will take place on June 17, 18 and 19, the organizers of the event affirmed: “There are yoga for families, for moms, yoga in a chair for people with disabilities or older adults, and there will be yoga For the deaf”.

The ambassador affirmed that “peace in the world is achieved only with individual peace”, for this reason it is recommended that people practice at least 10 or 20 minutes of yoga every day so that each being has their body, mind and heart in harmony. Doing this would reduce, in his opinion, violence and imbalance in the world.

The organizing entities point out that the yoga It provides both physical and mental benefits, such as an increase in a positive attitude towards life, stress reduction, improvement of the circulatory, respiratory and immune system, induction of relaxation and emotional self-control. They also assured that there are several branches and modalities of yoga and each person can practice the one that best suits their health condition and personality.

They also stressed that people of any religion can practice yogasince it gives the tools to deepen more effectively and efficiently in the practices or rites of the religion of each person.

“We could say that the yoga It is a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, it is an ancient spiritual technology, originated in India, whose benefits have been scientifically proven. It is essential to practice yoga today, if we want to live with serenity, creativity and well-being”, they added.

Calendar of free yoga activities in the DR

  • Friday the 17th. The Vega. Time: 5:00 pm Place: Court of the Carolinas

  • Saturday 18. Cottage. Time: 5:00 pm Place: Minitas Beach. Salcedo. Time: 9:00 am Place: Juana Núñez Linear Park

  • Sunday 19. Santo Domingo. Time: 7:00 am Place: Botanical Garden. John Dolio. Time: 8:00 am Place: Guayacanes fire station. Santiago. Time: 8:00 am Place: Central Park, Apedi room. Bavarian. Time: 9:00 am Place: Los Corales, Soles Bar. Cabarete. Time: 7:30 am Place: Dharma Shala. Higuey. Time: 8:00 am Place: Luisa Perla Park. Samana. Time: 9:00 am Place: Samaná Multipurpose. San Cristobal. Time: 8:30 am Place: Radhamés Park. San Francisco. Time: 10:00 am Place: Agricultural City.

  • Monday 20. Bonao. Time: 5:00 pm Place: Teachers’ Club.

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