The march will end on Thursday in Plaza de Mayo
The march will end on Thursday in Plaza de Mayo.

The national table of the Piquetera Unitmade up of different social and political organizations, begin this Tuesday in La Quiaca, province of Jujuy, the so-called “Federal March for work and salary, against hunger and poverty” which will last until Thursday, when it arrives in the city of Buenos Aires.

From Jujuy, the organizers reported that the objective of the march is to display a “great mobilization of workers” at the national level.

In the start of the protest that will take place over three daysan act is planned in the Centennial square of La Quiaca, on the border with Bolivia, and, later, another in the central square of the capital of Jujuy.

“The claim is against the national government that is making the adjustment after the agreement with the IMF and instead of fighting inflation it adds fuel to the fire,” assured the representative of the Polo Obrero in Jujuy, Sebastián Copello.

In addition, the leader questioned Governor Gerardo Morales (UCR-Together for Change), whom he accused of “adjusting salaries” and “persecuting and repressing any social struggle that appears” in the province.

According to the organizers in a press conference, five caravans will depart from different regions of the countryincluding the Northwest (NOA), whose participants will stop in other provinces to carry out different acts.

The arrival of the columns to the city of Buenos Aires to converge on Plaza de Mayo will take place on Thursday, from Constitución, Once and Retiro.

“We will start the great Federal March, in which employed and unemployed workers from all over the country will again mobilize massively against the adjustment policies of the governments that prioritize the payment of the fraudulent debt to the IMF over the popular needs,” he indicated for his part Mónica Sulle, national coordinator of the MST Teresa Vive and member of the national table of the Piquetera Unit.

The left-wing leader pointed out that the protesters intend to “cross the country against poverty” to reflect that “poverty crosses the country”, and then reiterated the demand that the Executive Branch prioritize the creation of “genuine work” and order salary increases so that “(minimum) wages are consistent with the basic basket.”

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