Sofía Espinosa reveals the adventures of 'Supertitlán', the series that shows the other side of the supermarket

Mexico.- Sofia Espinosa is Amelia one of the protagonists of the series “Supertitlan” that since last May 30 shows the adventures and adventures of those who work in a supermarket.

In a telephone interview, the actress talked about the project that has been placed in the public’s taste in Aztec 7 and shows the life of the employees of a supermarket.

Sophie Espinosa. Photo: Courtesy.

The series is a version of the American comedy Superstore, created by Justin Spitzer and being adapted for the Mexican public by Amaya Muruzabal. She landed at the bottom of supermarkets, as well as how Mexicans would face various situations.

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Supertitlán is a project that I really like, it’s entertaining, it’s still intelligent… it has a solid, creative, interesting script, it’s a very good mix, which the public is accepting very well,” said Sofía.

The characters are diverse and land with what happens in any place in Mexico.

“Justo has such diverse characters that you inevitably identify with one or several; It has this very familiar thing, the employees not only go to work, but they have their working family, no matter how much they fight, fall in love, deceive each other… they are a family, I think that is something that we Mexicans have a lot, the value of the family, is something that we all have deeply rooted, “he said.

Sofía Espinosa learns a lot from Jesús Zavala

About sharing credits with Jesús Zavala, the actress commented that it has been rewarding and a lot of learning.

“My character has a lot to do with helping others, she is a very hard-working girl, firm, a leader, but although she is very straight, she also gets into trouble.”

“With Jesús Zavala, I had not worked, but he is a very dedicated actor, very good; I think that chemistry happens and doesn’t happen, and from the beginning it was starting to work, generating even a friendship. We spent many hours a day together, we did share a lot of time, but the truth was that the dynamic on the set was very nice, because there was a complicity, it is always appreciated, and for comedy to work there has to be chemistry, it is something that you cannot carry ” , ended.

Supertitlán airs Monday through Friday at 7:45 p.m. on Azteca 7.

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