Sofia Rotaru asked for help on her 75th birthday

A photo: Mila Strizh

Sofia Rotaru turned to her fans on her 75th birthday. She broke her silence for the first time in months.

On her anniversary Sofia Rotaru visited her small homeland – the village of Marshintsy. “I came to a place of power. Here I was born, grew up, went to school. Here I began to sing. Native Marchins reminded me how important it is not to lose the sense of belonging to your Earth, to feel connected with those who gave you life, raised and supported you in your endeavors,” the artist said.

She reported that will not celebrate the anniversary. Rotaru asked for help.

“On this day, along with your warm congratulations and words of support, I would like to ask you to support those who are now in hardship, who really need our help. Let’s do this good deed together. Wherever we are and no matter what language we speak. ..” – turned to the caring star.

Sofia Mikhailovna told that she prays that songs about the love of the world will sound in every house in Ukraine. “Today is not the time to celebrate an anniversary,” she concluded.

It is worth noting that your The 60th anniversary of the celebrity widely celebrated in the Kremlin. Further, the singer was honored in Baku at the “Heat” festival, where the whole day was devoted to the star of the hero of the day. And now she sits, forgotten by everyone, without concerts. This anniversary will be quietly spent with family, friends and relatives.

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