Sun Perez.  (instagram)

It is common to see photographs on social networks or on the covers of magazines, especially of celebrities, with excessive retouching, giving images far removed from reality, for that reason Sun Perez He wanted to send a message on this subject to his followers.

Also users complain when they notice these edits and most of the time they maintain that promoting stereotypes of ideal beauty are harmful and do not help to give a positive message about health and aesthetics.

Sun Perez. (instagram)

This time it was Sol Pérez who took advantage of a message from a Twitter user to give her opinion on the matter and made it clear that you do not agree with those publications and shared it on your account.

Sun Perez.  (instagram)

Sun Perez. (instagram)

The young woman who posted the message commented on the social network: “Today I saw Sol Pérez live and direct and the only thing I have to say is that you have to die and be born again as many times as necessary to have that ass”.

Sol took advantage of the funny compliment to her body to give a clear message and against the digital retouching of the body: “When you’re not photoshopping, put up with real bodieswithout arms all bent from Photoshop”, he assured, referring to the fact that on more than one occasion network users have discovered retouching marks on photos of celebrities such as Wanda Nara and Vicky Xipolitakis.

Sol Pérez against photo retouching

Sol Pérez against photo retouching (Twitter/)

Let’s not encourage that, it’s horrible”, closed Sol, who had eating problems in the past according to what she herself told in various interviews and today she seeks to raise awareness about the importance of being healthy.

In July of this year, Pérez said: “I wanted to be a fitness girl and I ate yogurt, I trained all day and I was very skinny. I went to school and passed out. I almost got an iron shot for not eating. For all that I had to live, I try to instill that any body has to be healthy and healthy”.

Sun Perez.  (instagram)

Sun Perez. (instagram)

What Sol Pérez said about his weight

A while ago, the former weather girl made statements about her weight and the transformation her body has had over time. The driver revealed that she prefers to lead a fitness life through good nutrition and training routines, in order to show off a healthy body.

Sol Pérez showed off her toned abdomen.

Sol Pérez showed off her toned abdomen. (Instagram/lasobrideperez/)

“I aim to look good myself, I don’t care so much what the rest thinks, but to be good with myself. Look at me and like me. Nowadays, I like the image that the mirror returns to me”, he expressed.

Then he added: “Fitness, training, do me good. I weigh 10 kilos more than I did before. I used to weigh 45 kilos and now I weigh 55 kilosyes It doesn’t have so much to do with weight, because some get obsessed and think that the lower your weight, the healthier you are, or the better you are. Unlike! Muscle weighs more.

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