Sol Pérez shone from the water.
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From a few months ago, Sol Perez He began to use the camera’s social network to interact with his followers and not just to show the looks he uses from the professional field or from home, and an example of this is the post he made in July, through which he shared a reflection on his personality.

“I have seen myself happy, in pieces, sometimes without wanting anything and other times wanting to eat the whole world in one bite”began recounting, and added: “I’m not a perfect person, but it’s always me, someone without filters or appearances”.

Sol Pérez shone from the water. (Instagram/)

And for that, posed with confidence and joy from Ibiza with a white two-piece tight with dark edges: at the top she used a triangular bra and at the bottom an adjustable colaless style panties.

Sol Pérez's sensual post.

Sol Pérez’s sensual post. (Instagram/)

How Sol Pérez reacted to Tomás Holder’s derogatory comment

During the Big Brother debate, in which the former participant participated, the issue of the romance that grows between Nacho and La Tora -two of the current competitors- and Holder said that Nacho “lowered a lot”.

The cross between Sol Pérez and Tomás Holder.

The cross between Sol Pérez and Tomás Holder. (The Gazette/)

And completely outraged by Tomás’s comment full of disdain, Sol expressed: “No woman lowers anyone’s level. They are two bombs, regardless of whether one plays better or worse. Or she may like someone else’s game more ”and then concluded: “But that thing about ‘lowering the level’ doesn’t work”.

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