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The Army confirmed that in less than 72 hours, soldiers found and destroyed 20 cocaine laboratories in the North of Chocó.

The soldiers found different inputs to produce cocaine at the sites

After a couple of months of military intelligence information, by the Jungle Battalion No. 54 of the Titan Joint Task Force, soldiers were deployed in the villages of La Loma, Alto Guayabal, Balsitas, Venecia De Santo Domingo and Cuchillo Blanco, of the municipality of Riosucio, in the department of Chocó.

There they found the sites that, according to official information, were used to produce more than 2,000 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride per month, drug that would be distributed from this place to the countries of Central America and the United States, generating illegal economic benefits of more than 11 billion pesos per month.

“According to the investigations, the illegal laboratories belonged to the Carlos Vásquez substructure of the ‘Gao Clan del Golfo’, a group that commits crimes in the municipalities of Riosucio and Carmen del Darién, among other municipalities in the north of this department,” also revealed the Army.

Data: During the military operation, 3,124 kilograms of coca base, 7,629 gallons of liquid supplies and 2,409 kilos of solid supplies used for the production of the drug were seized. Other elements such as steel tanks, grammas, vacuum packers and hydraulic presses were also seized and made available to the competent authorities.

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Photo: Army

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