Solidarity caravans demand an end to the US blockade against Cuba

Solidarity movements with Cuba and representatives of associations of Cubans residing abroad staged caravans this Sunday against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed since 1962 by the Government of the United States (USA) against the Caribbean nation.


US-Cuba Conference calls on Biden to normalize relations

Through the social network Twitter, the Cuban Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, assured that “after a year of international caravans of solidarity to demand the end of the US blockade, the Bridges of Love with Cuba are multiplying throughout the world. world”.

He appreciated that thanks to these and other mobilizations, the so-called Eliminate the Blockade becomes “a global outcry that grows in the face of injustice.”

According to messages broadcast through Twitter by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there were solidarity actions in cities of Argentina, Canada, Bolivia, Guatemala, the Åland Islands (territory of Finland), Panama, Mexico, Slovakia, Belize, Bahamas , El Salvador, Brazil and USA.

In addition to demanding the end of this inhumane policy, which threatens the well-being of the Cuban people, the 243 unilateral restrictive measures imposed on Cuba during the Donald Trump Administration (2017-2021) and maintained by the current US president, Joe Biden.

For this reason, among others, demands were raised that flights from US territory to all Cuban provinces be resumed, remittances be restored and obstacles to family reunification be eliminated.

As has happened in recent calls, the global mobilization this Sunday supported the campaign to raise funds and send powdered milk to Cuban pediatric hospitals.

From Mexico, where he is, the activist and coordinator of the Bridges of Love project, Cuban-American professor Carlos Lazo, urged to continue uniting all those who love and build to put an end to the White House’s policy of economic war against Cuba.

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