Son of former President Marcos wins presidential election in Philippines

The son of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos won the presidential elections, in a bid by the Asian country’s voters for a return to power of a dynasty, trying to reduce poverty, despite causing many doubts at an international level.

With almost all the votes counted, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., 64, won more than 56% of the votes, more than double that of liberal candidate Leni Robredo, according to results announced by the Electoral Commission.

With an advantage of more than 16 million votes, the Marcos family experiences another change in just a few decades, starting with their coming to power, going through the departure of the country as marginalized and, now, culminating in a return to the presidential palace.

About 67 million Filipinos could vote in Monday’s general elections, where the vice president, deputies, half of the councilors, provincial governors and thousands of other local officials are also elected.

Forty years after his father was deposed and sent into exile, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. brings the family back to power.

In 1986, his father and mother, Imelda, went into exile, expelled by a “people power” revolution.

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