Sonny Colbrelli's heart under further investigation in Padua: "More time needed for genetic testing"


Sonny Colbrelli was flown Saturday from the university hospital of Gerona to a hospital in Padua, Italy. There, the European champion of Bahrain Victorious is undergoing a new series of tests to find out where the cardiac arrhythmias come from that led to heart failure in the opening stage of the Tour of Catalonia on Monday. Thanks to a defibrillator, he was quickly resuscitated.

Hugo Coorevits

In an interview with the Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, cardiologist Ramon Brugada said that “Colbrelli was lucky in his accident”. “If the same had happened to him in the mountains, the consequences of his heart failure might have been much greater. The cardiac arrhythmia may have been caused by a hereditary disease, coronary artery disease or by excessive exercise.”

In Spain they hope to have the results of all the tests that were conducted within three weeks at the latest. “Especially for the genetic testing, more time is needed.”

Ramon Brugada refused to go along with the story that Colbrelli had bronchitis and this could be the cause. “I am only interested in pathology. It is too early to draw conclusions. Our job is to protect health, inform and recommend the patient. Ultimately, the decision is made by the athlete himself and his family, in collaboration with the team,” said the younger brother of Pedro Brugada, who is known in our country.

Colbrelli hopes to get a ‘second opinion’ from a heart specialist at Padua hospital next week. It will therefore be quite some time before the Italian and European champion reappears in the peloton. (hc)

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