Sorcerers of Liga TDP will make victories in La Piedad

La Piedad, Michoacán.- witches club TDP will apply in La Piedad a day of viewings for young people from 13 to 23 years of age in order to show their qualities and be called for this project in professional football.

Through their social networks, the Children’s League of Vanguardsinvited the children of their categories to attend these testswhich will take place next Thursday, May 19 at 4:00 in the afternoon at the “Licenciado Humberto Romero Pérez” sports unit.

According to information that was advanced, the quota will be limited and you can go to the league offices to request more information on what the logistics will be to register and participate in these witch trials.

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From the outset, children and young people are asked to come with comfortable clothes to exercise, in addition to wearing soccer shoes for the games that will be organized.

Brujos in the Bajío has a history in lower forces and is undoubtedly a good parameter to seek to reach professional football.

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