Space Odyssey: from 2024 it will be possible to travel to space in a balloon
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Traveling into space is the dream of many people. but, for the moment, only astronauts have been able to make it happen. However, very soon those who can afford it will also have the possibility of fulfilling their dream thanks to space tourism.

An adventure aboard a giant hydrogen balloon with the diameter of a football stadium. That is the proposal of the company Space Perspective to take tourists into space.

The ship that will make the trips will bear the name of Neptunewhile the eight passengers and the pilot will embark at the Kennedy Space Center, making a six-hour ascent.

The height to be reached is just over 30 kilometers to guarantee peace of mind on the ascent and descent without losing the spectacular views.

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On the flight there will be special seats, WIFI connection, a telescope to see points between earth and spacethe possibility of arranging events such as birthdays or weddings and large windows to enjoy the landscape.

Meanwhile, the descent will be into the ocean, where the passengers will be rescued by a ship. Trips are expected to start at the end of 2024 but although reservations are open, the first availability is in 2025 as the first 600 places are occupied.

Now yes, something that you were surely wondering: What is the price of this adventure? The cost is 125 thousand dollars per person and reservations are made with a refundable deposit of $1,000 or more that can be paid with cryptocurrencies.

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