SpaceX employees fired for open letter criticizing Musk

SpaceX fired several employees involved in the preparation of an open letter that criticized, in particular, the behavior of Elon Musk in the public sphere, reports AFP.

A small group of company employees sent out a letter to all their colleagues asking them to sign the appeal and take part in the survey. Some recipients felt “uncomfortable” because they held a different opinion, plus the letter “prevented them from focusing on work.” The company “has too much important work to do and doesn’t need to be so overactive,” said COO Gwynn Shotwell. He added that after the investigation, several employees were fired, without specifying how many.

This open letter, published by The Verge, criticized Elon Musk’s behavior in the public sphere. And allegations of sexual harassment have become “a shame for company employees.”

“As CEO, Elon is considered the face of SpaceX, every tweet he sends is considered a de facto public statement coming from the company, especially in recent weeks,” the letter emphasizes.

The founder of SpaceX, Tesla and several other companies regularly participates in disputes on Twitter (social network blocked in Russia). His messages are very sharp, sometimes cryptic, and sometimes offensive. In April, Musk announced his desire to buy a social network and slightly changed the tone of his messages.

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