Spain borders on 5,000 positive cases of monkeypox

The Spanish Ministry of Health announced this Friday that the country has accumulated 4,942 confirmed cases of monkeypox since the start of the outbreak in that European country.


Spain confirms second death from monkeypox

The health entity indicated that in the last 24 hours 365 new patients with monkeypox were registered.

An official report from the Spanish health entity detailed that of the notified patients, “a total of 4,863 are men and 79 are women. Age ranges from 10 months to 88 years, with a median of 37 years.

So far, the positive cases come from 17 Autonomous Communities, with Madrid and Catalonia registering the highest rates of infection with 1,817 and 1,558 people diagnosed, respectively.

Likewise, the agency reported that the region of Andalusia has reported 601 positives, followed by the Valencian Community (284), the Basque Country (130), the Canary Islands (118), the Balearic Islands (111), Galicia (71), Aragon (47) , Asturias (47), Castilla y León (41), Castilla-La Mancha (36), Murcia (26), Extremadura (21), Cantabria (18), Navarra (12) and La Rioja (4).

“A total of 237 patients of the 3,546 (6.9 percent) presented complications throughout their clinical process. The most frequent were mouth ulcers and secondary bacterial infections”, underlined the text of the Spanish health portfolio.

So far, Spain has hospitalized 139 patients, which represents 2.8 percent, and only two deaths have been reported as a result of the disease. The highest health authority also specified that at least 80.6 percent were infected through sexual contact.

The National Epidemiological Surveillance Network reported that Spain remains the European country with the highest numbers of monkeypox infections and the second on an international scale, after the United States (USA), which declared a health emergency on Thursday before the outbreak.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in its daily update on global cases of monkeypox, warned on this day that positive cases total 26,017, with nine deaths.

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