Spain is experiencing an early heat wave with temperatures above 40º

Summer has not even arrived, and the heat hit almost the entire country, but especially the southern half, where Córdoba was expected to reach 43ºC this Tuesday, Badajoz 41ºC, and Toledo 40ºC, according to the State Meteorological Agency ( Aemet).

On Monday, the highest temperature was recorded by the Cordoba town of Montoro, with 42.9ºC.

The risk of fire was “extreme” in most of the Iberian Peninsula, and all regions, except Asturias (northwest) and the Canary Islands (southwest), were on alert due to high temperatures.

The nights give little respite. Thus, “at some points it has not dropped below 25ºC”, which is known as a “torrid night”, Aemet explained on Twitter.

The temperatures experienced this week, according to the same source, are “between 7ºC and 12ºC above the normal average for this time of year.”

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This weather episodewhich comes after Spain experienced the warmest month of May since there are records, It will last “until Saturday the 18th, without ruling out that it lasts one more day,” reported Aemet.

The phenomenon will affect other European countries such as France in the coming days.

“Such extreme heat is not normal at this point in (…) astronomical spring,” said Rubén del Campo, spokesman for Aemet, who identified “climate change” as the cause.

In the last ten months, Spain has suffered four episodes of extreme temperatures: a heat wave last August in which temperature records were broken (47.4 ºC in Montoro, in the south of the country), “exceptionally high temperatures” between Christmas and New Year, a heat wave in May and now the current one, the spokesman said.

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Since the pre-industrial era, temperatures have increased an average of 1.7 degrees in Spain (2 degrees in Europe), said Rubén del Campo, who explained that the episodes are not only more extreme, but also more frequent.

The multiplication of heat waves, particularly in Europe, is a consequence of global warming, according to scientists, for whom greenhouse gas emissions increase the power, duration and repetition of these phenomena.

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