Spaniards react to statements by William Levy: "How well he is explaining what communism is"

MIAMI, United States.- The visit of Cuban actor William Levy to Spain, and especially to the television program El Hormiguero, has left a wave of reactions in that country, after the protagonist of the remake of Café con aroma de mujer explained how was his childhood on the island, under communism.

This Tuesday night Levy went to El Hormiguero, which broke audience records with the Cuban’s visit, and during his interview he recounted the shortcomings with which his family had to live since the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, he assured, “the hardest thing is that they take away your freedom.”

“I hope that people who defend communism are watching El Hormiguero today. How well William Levy is explaining what communism is: the equality of extreme poverty,” wrote a Spanish user.


William Levy was born and lived in Cuba until he was 15 years old, when he emigrated with his family to the United States because his father was a political prisoner. At 14, he revealed, he even risked his life to escape from the island, a country where “you know you can make an effort, give your best, and you can’t move forward.”

“Cuban actor William Levy in El Hormiguero recounting the ‘benefits’ of communism in Cuba. Friendly, close, funny and nothing divo. The comparisons are odious, but already, many national subsidized would like, “said another viewer.

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William Levy’s words generated a wave of comments supporting the Cuban and drew attention in the Iberian country to what it is like to live with a communist regime.

“What William Levy is saying about Cuba is very important, I have seen many people romanticizing how they live in that country,” another user said on Twitter.

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“The interview with William Levy in El Hormiguero has made it clear what Spain is going to become in the coming years. Because the left is going to continue to govern, because they are going to rig the elections and we are going to end up in shit”, reads another comment.

William Levy

The Spanish government has been accused on several occasions of “passing the hand” of the Castro regime and even of supporting it and maintaining links within the Caribbean leadership. Last January, the ABC newspaper published an investigation revealing that several Spanish officials had links with the Miguel Díaz-Canel regime.

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