Spectacular new Kendrick Lamar clip: Rapper's face turns into celebrities like OJ Simpson and Will Smith

To everyone’s surprise, there was suddenly a new single by Kendrick Lamar on Monday morning. The accompanying video clip makes spectacular use of deepfake: the rapper changes his face and takes on the guise of Will Smith and OJ Simpson, among others.

Guy Stevens

The heart, part 5 is the fifth part of a series of songs that the successful rapper Kendrick Lamar has unleashed on the world in recent weeks as a foretaste of his first new record in five years. The 34-year-old rapper does not turn his hand for a stunt, and you can see that in his new clip.

At around 1:55 AM, the rapper’s face changes for the first time, into that of OJ Simpson. Ten seconds later, Kanye West follows, on which Lamar raps about being bipolar. West received that diagnosis in 2016. After that, West changes into Will Smith and Kobe Bryant, among others. Most moving is when the American raps the murdered Nipsey Hussle – towards the end of the clip – and about his death and other violence.

The studio where the spectacular clip was made is that of Deep Voodoo. That company was founded by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the men behind South Park† At the end of 2020 they already signed for a viral series of videos called Sassy Justice† In it you see a doppelganger of Donald Trump created with deep fake.

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