Spiral of violence in Michoacan: the Mexican state at the heart of gang warfare

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Mexico remains one of the bloodiest countries on the American continent. Since 2006, the authorities have recorded more than 340,000 murders there, many of them in the state of Michoacan, surely one of the most ravaged by violence. At issue, most of the time: turf wars between rival gangs involved in drug trafficking and other illegal activities. Report by Laurence Cuvillier and Quentin Duval, France 24 correspondents on site.

In the United States, the inflation figures for May had the effect of a cold shower when they were published on Friday 10 June. The rise in prices has not slowed down, as it did in April. It even reached a new record in 40 years, at 8.6% in May, year on year.

Google will pay $118 million to settle a collective lawsuit accusing the group of discriminating against women in terms of pay and rank. After five years of proceedings, the two parties preferred to reach a financial agreement. It will cover approximately 15,500 employees who have worked in California since September 2013. The Mountain View firm is also singled out for having dismissed one of its engineers, Blake Lemoine, an employee who had publicly worried about having spoken with artificial intelligence. Explanations with Guillaume Grallet.

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