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Sports courts in 3 neighborhoods will gain synthetic grass, LED lights and bleachers

Mayor and secretaries during the visit to the capital's neighborhoods.  (Photo: Diogo Gonçalves)

Announcement was made this Wednesday (15) by the mayor of the Capital and secretaries

Mayor and secretaries during the visit to the capital’s neighborhoods. (Photo: Diogo Gonçalves)

Three sports courts located in Jardim Itamaracá and in the Paulo Coelho Machado and Aero Rancho housing projects will be equipped with synthetic grass and basketball court, in addition to LED lighting and bleachers with capacity for 100 people.

The announcement was made this Wednesday (16) by the mayor of Campo Grande Adriane Lopes (Patriotas). In Jardim Itamaracá, according to the mayor, the square on Rua Diocleciano Dias will also receive an outdoor gym and sector seven of the Aero Rancho will undergo revitalization.

The Itamaracá sports module will be installed in the multi-sport court located on the corner of Mussa Tuma and Euphrates streets, where the social project “Deus é Dez” works, which develops cultural, sports and leisure activities with 105 children and adolescents after school hours.

A 1,073-square (25 x 45) module will be installed at the site, with a structure for a society soccer court. The lighting will also guarantee night events, sports competitions.

The second sports module will be installed in the community center of the Paulo Coelho Machado Housing Complex, on Rua Ana Jacinta de Oliveira. As the space of the court is larger, the site will receive a 1,250-meter module, with a court for society soccer and another for 3 x 3 basketball. The same module will serve a region of the Conjunto Aero Rancho around Avenida Tancredo Neves.

Accompanied by the Municipal Secretary of Infrastructure and Services, Rudi Fiorese and the president of the Municipal Sports Foundation, Odair Serrano, the mayor also went to sector 7 of the Aero Rancho, which is at the other end of the neighborhood, near Avenida Thyrson de Almeida, where she visited a square on Rua Ivete Vargas and determined that some maintenance services be carried out, such as pruning the trees, replacing the sand in the volleyball court, improving the playground and resurfacing the walking path.

Improvements – The reforms are the result of a partnership with the State Government. Campo Grande was awarded with six sports modules. The location of the first three was defined by Mayor Adriane Lopes on Tuesday (14).

With the support of the technical team, in the next few days the mayor will announce the location of the others. The municipality’s counterpart is to provide the site with a concrete base on which the structure will be mounted.

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