Sports journalist robbed live on television in Qatar: "Police asked what punishment I wanted for the thief"
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Argentinian journalist Dominique Metzger was robbed live on television on Sunday when she was reporting from a World Cup village in Doha. The woman was dancing with some football fans during an interview and then did not find her wallet. “I never felt it, because I was in a busy crowd, but it must have happened there,” he said afterwards.

Metzger immediately reported it to the police as soon as she realized that she could no longer find her wallet and identity card. However, the local police surprised her with a remarkable question. “What punishment do you want the thief to receive?” they asked. “I replied that I just wanted my stuff back and I don’t decide on the justice system,” she told her colleagues at Todo Noticias.

It remains to be seen whether Metzger will ever see her comfort again.

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