Sportswashing: the sport seeks to clean the face of Qatar
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The journalist specializing in International Politics, Ines Capdevilarevealed details about the phenomenon of sportswashing. In addition, he assured that “today everyone questions Qatar” for him world, but “that probably won’t tickle him much.” In turn, she explained in Fontevecchia modeby Net TV Y Radius Profile (FM 101.9) the reaction of the countries of the West.

reading the interesting Article what did you do about it sportswashingIt seems that in Qatar’s search for wanting to cover something up, its problems are even more evident. Is the interpretation correct?

The interpretation is quite correct. It is true that now it is inevitable to Qatar deal with condemnation and questioning through the global media. That did not exist in the time of Hitler or in that of Mussolini. But we did see it Beijing 2022, when the Winter Olympics were held. It was noticed when they raised questions about human rights, the lack of transparency and repression.

also happened in Russia 2018. We are talking about countries that held sporting events to increase their reputation, building an image of development. The question would be whether the questioning of them can damage that reputation in the long run. What is clear is that they have the financial resources to build a global reputation.

Would it be something like “wallet kills gallant”?

In the case of Qatar, it is so. And it does not only have to do with the criticisms made of him in the world, because they suffered several setbacks in the last decade, both regional and global. And thanks to the gas exploitation have been able to survive and have achieved something that their neighbors do not have, which is the ability to build self-sufficiency in food.

Diana Sperling: “Wallet kills human rights”

In other words, today everyone is questioning Qatar for the lack of rights of its workers, the horrible living conditions to build the World Cup stadiums, the lack of women’s rights and the lack of respect for sexual minorities. But that probably won’t tickle Qatar too much, even though they have been acknowledging the criticism.

It is very difficult for them to change course. Not only are they very conservative, but they also need that level of repression and limited rights to survive.

Beyond the case of Qatar, is there a search to put the anachronism of Arab conservatism on the agenda, which also occurs in other countries?

Of course, but there is also a reaction from all gulf countries. This is seen, for example, in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. It is unprecedented because for the first time there is a common identity in the Gulf countries, which never got along.

Now there is a spirit of unity that is being magnified with the World Cup. That is why it was striking yesterday how the Saudi Arabia win over Argentina.

And it is probable that this reaction is the one that prevails, beyond the questions. Yes Qatar manages to get out of the organization of the World Cup, that conservatism is going to become more solid in every way.

Paola GarcĂ­a Rey: “Amnesty International confirms that the construction of stadiums in Qatar claimed thousands of lives”

Isn’t there a kind of hypocrisy on the part of Western countries, especially the United States?

That hypocrisy runs several lanes. The first is to think that, placing the magnifying glass on the human rights in certain countries, the entire West has an unerring record of respect. The second hypocrisy is the interdependence of the world and how that conditions the flag of democracy, against authoritarianism.

If we think, for example, of Qatar, the largest US airbase in the Middle East is on Qatari land. There is also a significant degree of ties between Qatar and Great Britain. In France, the owner of PSG is Qatari, and that is just one of the many million-dollar investments they made there.

Therefore, this discourse defending democracy, fighting autocracies, is the one that defines the West in the next decade, together with the fight against climate change.


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