Stalemate at the climate summit: "Better no deal than a bad deal"
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The European Union prefers “no deal to a bad deal” in climate talks at the United Nations climate conference (COP27), said European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans.

“We are concerned about some of the things we have seen and heard over the past 12 hours,” Frans Timmermans told reporters.

Frans Timmermans underlined that the Europeans’ objective was to keep the 1.5ºC warming limit “alive”, the most ambitious objective of the Paris agreement.

“Let’s be clear. The EU’s partners are here to get a good result. We’d rather not have a deal than have a bad deal,” said the vice-president of the European Commission.

Earlier, the European Union had announced the rejection of an “unacceptable” proposal by the Egyptian presidency of COP27 on climate, which called into question previous commitments on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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