Stalkerware: the spy applications that you could have installed without knowing it

How does stalkerware work?

They hide within applications that are legally registered and that can be downloaded from app stores. But behind the guise of, for example, being a parental activity solutions app, there is hidden stalkerware that gets installed on the device and monitors the user.

In general, it is someone close to the victim who physically accesses the devices and downloads the application that disguises the malicious function. That way, that person – partner, friend, spouse – can monitor the victim.

How to protect yourself from stalkerware?

According to him study “Digital Harassment in relationships”prepared by the computer security company Kaspersky, the 53% of Argentines do not know what stalkerware is and they have no way of recognizing if they are being digitally harassed and therefore unaware of how to protect themselves.

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In this sense, the study reveals that the possibility of other people installing spyware on devices of the victims can arise from the behavior of the victims themselves, in addition to the obvious intentionality of the perpetrator.

Couples often tell each other their cell phone password and the survey confirms it, in Argentina 57% of the people consulted know their partner’s password and have also provided their own,” explained Carolina Mojica, Consumer Product Manager for the North and South regions of Latin America at Kaspersky.

In addition to explaining that sharing passwords is not recommendedthe specialist also explained that another “worrying digital habit is to share cloud services, such as iCloud and Google Account, between members of the same family. 36% of Argentines do And this is another technological option that allows someone to be tracedas these services include geographic location features, cloud photo storage, among other tools that can be exploited.”

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