Starbucks workers announce strike against "union busting tactics"
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Starbucks and the union began contract talks at 53 locationswith 13 additional sessions scheduled, said Starbucks Workers Unitedwhich represents more than 7 thousand employees in the United Stateswithout reaching agreements for the moment. It involves more than 2,000 employees in 112 establishments, according to the union, implemented claims within the past year and that today he starred protests in various citiesreported the ANSA news agency.

The sector argues that it is on strike to protest the reprisals taken against union supporters in all the country. Also because of what he characterizes as the company’s refusal to negotiate a first labor agreement.

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Starbucks turnover was 38% lower than a year earlier.

Starbucks turnover was 38% lower than a year earlier.

There are 264 stores that voted for union representation, but no contracts have yet been negotiated, not even at the stores that paid for almost a year ago. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)of a federal nature, it has already issued dozens of claims and complaints against Starbucks.

In August, a judge forced the company to rehire seven employees from a Memphis, Tennessee localfired for trying to unionize. “This is to show you that we are not playing. We have finished with their anti-union reprisals and they walked away from the negotiation,” said a former employee worked at a Starbucks in Lakewood, California, for the past six years. This is the first union action at the national level.

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