State of public calamity declared in Guatemala due to rains

The Guatemalan Congress ratified this Wednesday the State of Public Calamity throughout the country, derived from the scourge of intense rains that have left 23 dead, four missing and more than a million homeless.


State of Calamity Declared Due to Rains in Guatemala

With 111 votes in favor, ten against and 30 abstentions, the government decree 3-2022 that establishes the State of Public Calamity, requested by the National Association of Municipalities (Anam) was extended to the 22 departments of the country, given the numerous damage caused by rainfall.

Said regulation limits in the Central American nation the right of free locomotion, the circulation of vehicles, as well as gives power to the authorities to prevent the exit or entry of people in the affected areas previously established by the Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred) .

While also empowering the Ministry of Finance to identify and allocate budgets for disaster relief; and transfer financial resources to the spending executing units in accordance with their legal mandates.

In this regard, the Winaq party, which opposed this measure in a statement, stated that the state of calamity “is another excuse to continue the looting of public funds, which has characterized the Giammattei government for 29 months. ”.

To which he added that the damage to the infrastructure due to the rains shows the absence of a prevention plan by the institutions, which translated into a consequence of corruption.

Data provided this Wednesday by Conred set the total number of people affected since the rainy season began last April at 1,417,467.

To which are added 2,660 Guatemalans at risk, another 2,372 victims, and more than 5,000 evacuees; as well as a total of 676 incidents.

They detailed that, in terms of infrastructure damage, there are 2,372 homes with moderate, severe and slight damage; there are 170 highways with damage, and four destroyed and in the same classification are 13 bridges.

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